Student Reading

The E-Book library has over 100 classic literature books recommended to jump start your student for success!Β Discover literary gems like:

– Rich Dad Poor Dad

– How to Win Friends and Influence People

– The Art of War

– Think and Grow Rich

Through reading we can shape the leaders of tomorrow and inspire a brighter future!

Did you know the PTA tracks reading progress? The Parent/Teacher Account is a premium upgrade that comes with a detailed Reading Log that makes it easy to see how your student is doing.

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What people say…

Best thing we have ever done for our daughter was enroll her in this! – Lori

I just finished doing 9th grade using this curriculum, I love this curriculum, and can’t wait to do my 10th grade. It will be my second year using this curriculum. Thank you so much for making it fun, now my summer has finally started. – Student

Best choice I’ve made, thanks. We had a great year last year. – Jonathan

We love Discovery K12 – Pricilla

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