How do I pull my child from public school and start homeschooling?

Check with your state’s Department of Education for your state’s homeschool laws and procedures. Each state sets their own laws/policies for homeschooling. Some states have no requirements while others want you to submit forms. You may also need to follow procedures from your local school or district for un-enrolling from your current school. To use our curriculum, you simply create an account for each student, and get started.

Is it Common Core?

No. Discovery K12 is non-Common Core.

Is it accredited?

We are a platform and curriculum for independent homeschoolers, and homeschooling is not accredited. Only schools are accredited.

Are there teachers?

Using Discovery K12, the parent is considered the teacher. All instruction, teaching style, and guidance is provided by the parent or tutor/teacher the parent designates.

Are there textbooks?

All of the curriculum is online. We do not ship textbooks or any other materials or equipment.

Can I use this as a supplement?

Yes. You may use our curriculum part time, full time, or as a supplement. You will still see everything, but you can use what you’d like.

How do I graduate and do you issue diplomas?

When you homeschool, the parent is in charge of the student’s education and would be the one to graduate them and issue diplomas. Some students take the GED in their state for a high school equivalent certificate. We believe a homeschool diploma is superior to a GED, since a GED can imply the student dropped out and did not complete all K12 years. The Parent/Teacher Account has tools for producing transcripts and issuing diplomas for your homeschooled students.

Can I personalize courses from different grade levels, such as have a lower level in math and everything else at grade level?

Simply change the grade level as needed inside the Student Account to access curriculum at different levels.

Can I go by my own schedule and at my own pace?

Yes. To go by your own schedule, simply access the Daily Assignments page and you can go through each day’s curriculum at your own pace.

How do I change grade levels?

You can change the grade level inside your student account by going by going to the Help menu -> Change Grade Level. You can change the grade level inside your parent account by clicking the Edit Student link under the My Students area. If you need assistance, contact support.

How do I get the extra curriculum?

Extra Curriculum is free and available for grades second through twelfth inside student accounts. See our Extra Curriculum for what we offer.

How do I send you transcripts from my former school?

We don’t accept or require any transcripts from former schools. Using our program, the parent is considered the school or homeschool and would be in charge of all student records. We recommend requesting your former school to send transcripts to you for your records since you will be independently homeschooling.

How are you funded?

Discovery K12 is funded through the company’s premium service offerings such as, the Parent/Teacher Account upgrade.

How long have you been offering this?

Discovery K12 has been available to others since September 2013.

What does it cost?

Student Accounts are free, and include all of our curriculum. Parent/Teacher Accounts are a nominal, annual fee – see pricing.

Can I use Discovery K12 if I live outside of the United States?

Yes. We have homeschoolers in every state and in over 75 countries. You would need to follow any policies/laws set by your state/province to homeschool.


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