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When you sign up and access Discovery K12 Online Homeschool (DISCOVERYK12.COM), you understand and agree to the following Terms of Service and Privacy Policies. These terms and policies may change from time to time at Discovery K12’s sole discretion, and you should check back here often to review our policies. Your continued use of our service following the posting of any changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies, will mean that you accept and agree to these changes. When we update our policies, we will notify you by email and the website and your continued use our our service grants consent to our policies. BY USING THE SITE, YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF SERVICE; IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT USE THE SITE.

You/Your – the parent or guardian of the child

Child/Children – the parent or guardian’s children who have student accounts on DiscoveryK12.com

Us/Our/We – refers to Discovery K12 Inc.

DiscoveryK12.com – the service (further described in Description of Service below)

Student Account – an account on the DiscoveryK12.com system which provides online curriculum for pre-k to 12th grade

Parent/Teacher Account – a premium (paid for) account on the DiscoveryK12.com system that provides reporting and curriculum tools for parents/guardians

Description of Service
Discovery K12 is an online platform and curriculum service for pre-k to twelfth grade used by homeschoolers. You can learn more about the curriculum here: https://discoveryk12.com/curriculum and more about how the service works here: https://discoveryk12.com/how-it-works. Using our program to homeschool, you would be independently homeschooling and would follow the policies/laws set by your state to legally homeschool. Discovery K12 is not a school. You (the parent or guardian) is considered the school when homeschooling. The DiscoveryK12.com service can be used worldwide to homeschool, where homeschooling is legal. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states of the United States, and in many other countries. Our service can also be used as a supplement to current education. THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS DIRECTLY. THE PARENT/GUARDIAN OF THE STUDENT MUST REQUEST THE ACCOUNT AND BE THE ACCOUNT HOLDER. WE DO NOT SUPPORT SCHOOLS, TUTORS, OR CO-OPS OR ANY OTHER SUCH ENTITIES. WHILE THE PARENT/GUARDIAN MAY USE THESE OTHER ENTITIES, WE DO NOT SERVICE THESE ENTITIES OURSELVES, AND WE ONLY PROVIDE ACCOUNTS DIRECTLY TO THE PARENT/GUARDIAN. IF YOU ARE NOT THE PARENT/GUARDIAN OF THE STUDENT, DO NOT REQUEST AN ACCOUNT ON THEIR BEHALF.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities
It is your responsibility to check with your state’s homeschool laws and requirements for how to legally home school. If your state or school district requires you to submit forms or follow certain procedures so that you may home school, you understand that it is your responsibility to handle any processes. Discovery K12 provides online K12 curriculum for independent homeschoolers, and you are the responsible party to assist/teach your child/children. Using our service, you are considered the “school” or “homeschool” and are fully responsible for the education process, providing any teaching guidance, and for following any laws, policies, or procedures set by your state, province, country, or local school district to legally homeschool. You also understand that you are responsible for withdrawing from any existing or former school. Previewing Curriculum: It is your responsibility to preview our curriculum prior to your student using it for your own acceptability standards of the curriculum. We take great lengths to ensure our curriculum has quality materials that are appropriate for children; however, you should still preview our curriculum should you have any concerns. Transcripts & Diplomas: You are responsible for issuing the official transcripts (course grades) for your homeschooled children as well as the diploma if homeschooling through twelfth grade. You may upgrade to our optional Parent/Teacher Account that has tools to produce transcripts and diplomas, or you may use any other method outside of ours to produce these documents. We do appreciate you upgrading if you can afford to do so, because it is what supports us providing the free curriculum for all. Accreditation: You understand that homeschooling is not accredited, and that using the DiscoveryK12.com curriculum you are independently homeschooling your child/children under the policies set by your state of residence, and should follow any policies/laws set by your state to homeschool.

Discovery K12 Responsibilities
Discovery K12 provides a platform and curriculum for homeschoolers. Discovery K12 provides 180 days of online curriculum. The service is provided as is and without any warranties.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we do not share your information with third parties. The only exception to this, is if we are required to release information according to a court of law or subpoena, if the service is acquired as a whole by a third party in which case your data will continue to only be used in providing the service, or if you request products and services we may offer from third parties such as tutoring or educational products. We encourage parents to review any privacy policies of third parties or third party websites.

THIRD PARTIES – Our service includes links to third-party websites to provide reading resources. We do not encourage or recommend signing up to any services from these third party websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies, data collection practices, or content of third party websites, and we recommend you review the privacy policies from any third party websites before using them or signing up to any of there services which are unrelated to us.

Third Party Vendor Relationships – We may have third party relationships that bring you value-added products and services to enhance the education process and experience, such as our Homeschool Student ID Cards or Tutoring Services. We do not share your email or personal information with these third parties unless you specifically request information, services, or products from these third parties. In such cases, we recommend you review the privacy policies from any third party providers. Any third party vendors (companies that you request or procure products and services from outside of Discovery K12 Inc.) are completely separate business entities from us, and you agree to hold us, our shareholders, and employees not responsible for any damages that may result in doing business with them. You understand that any business you conduct between yourself and any third party business is between you and them, and not Discovery K12 Inc.

INFORMATION WE COLLECT AND HOW – All Student Accounts on our website are to be established by the Parent/Guardian. The only information we require on sign up is a username, parent email address, grade level, first name of child, and IP address. Any other personal identifiable information we may collect is optional. This optional information may include: student full name, parent/guardian full name, street or mailing address, phone number, and homeschool name. We also collect optional information in order to provide reporting activity of your children’s educational progress to you while using our service. This optional information is submitted to us via form submission on our website by you or your child, and specifically includes: dated/daily attendance; dated/daily reading log entries with book title, author, number of pages read, and time spent reading; physical education log entries, dated/daily “What I Learned Today” entries with a written description for each subject in your children’s own words; dated/daily assignment entries for each subject; student note-taking; digital spelling worksheets that may include sentences, vocabulary definitions, or alphabetical order; quiz and test results. All of this optional information is submitted to our website by your children via form submission such as the “here” button, “completed” button, Reading Log Form, or taking a Quiz or Test in their Student Account. Additionally, you (parent/guardian) can optionally submit information on your children’s educational progress including course grades by submitting and producing Transcripts on our website, in which case we will collect the information you submit in order to provide our Transcript, Certificate, and Diploma service to you. Additionally, you (parent/guardian) can optionally submit information to produce Certificates of Completion and Diplomas on our website, in which case we will collect the information you submit in order to provide these features and services to you.

HOW THE INFORMATION WE COLLECT IS USED – All of the personal identifiable information we may collect is solely for the purposes of providing educational progress, assessments, reports, and services to you. We do not disclose personal information collected from children to third parties, unless required to through court order or subpoena.

PARENTAL RIGHTS – You may review your children’s reporting, educational progress activity, quiz & test data, create transcripts, and view other information we may collect by upgrading to our optional Parent/Teacher Account. If you do not have a Parent/Teacher Account, you may use any other methods to track your children’s educational activity and produce any documents necessary to homeschool that may be required by law in your state. We are not responsible for any data loss of student activity whatsoever. We recommend printing out or digitally saving any data that we may provide on a regular and frequent basis.

We may also collect student work from time to time, such as a drawing or essay in which we will post in the general, Multipurpose page on our website. Any of these work samples that we may post have been sent to us by you via email granting us permission to post your children’s work for other discoveryk12.com student account holders to see. When we post any student work to the Multipurpose, we may display the students first name and grade level. By you sending us an email with your students work, you agree that we can post it on the discoveryk12.com site.

You may direct us to delete your child’s personal information and stop further data collection by emailing us at support@discoveryk12.com and request us to close the Student Account and delete your information.

Cookie Policy
We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small file that can be placed on your computer or mobile device that allows our website to remember you and provide services to you. We may collect information from you automatically through these cookies, such as your IP address. You may opt out of these cookies, by not using our service and clearing any cookies using your browser settings.

The Discovery K12 service may link out to other websites. You understand that these sites are out of our control and we are not responsible for their content. We do however, take precaution and review all sites, including videos, that we link to or show on our website. Our curriculum is managed and checked continuously, but once in a while, we can miss things. If you find a broken link or video, or find any content that you feel is inappropriate, please report it to us by emailing us at support@discoveryk12.com and include a short description, Day #, and grade level so we may address any issue.

Account Security
Your account(s), associated with your email address, on Discovery K12 must be used only by you and your children, and you agree to keep your login credentials confidential and will not share them with others. If your account is ever compromised or you lose your username or password, please contact us right away at support@discoveryk12.com.

Email Communications
From time to time, we may send email communications to you regarding our services. These emails are strictly for the purposes of informing you about curriculum, product, and service features. We do not share your email address with third parties. By signing up, you agree to receive our email communications, and you can opt-out of them at any time at the bottom of each email.

Free Student Accounts
To establish a Student Account, parents/guardians must sign up each of their children on our website in the necessary grade level. Use your same parent email address for each sign up. By signing up your children to a Student Account, you provide consent for your children to use our service and agree to our terms of service, policies, and procedures posted on this website. We do not provide email or phone support, and you need to rely on our web-based tools and help section for assistance.

Upgraded Parent/Teacher Accounts
You may order a Parent/Teacher Account (PTA) at any time. You only need ONE Parent/Teacher Account for all your student accounts (One Parent/Teacher Account is allowed per family. A Parent/Teacher Account cannot be used by multiple families), and each of your children’s accounts will get connected to the one Parent/Teacher Account during set up.

REFUND POLICY: We have a 14-day refund policy on the Parent/Teacher Account initial order. We do not provide refunds on renewals. You may manage your Parent/Teacher Account subscription inside your PayPal account. Instructions for canceling subscriptions are inside your PayPal account. You also understand and agree that we are not responsible for any NSF (non-sufficient funds) fees, overdraft, or overdrawn bank accounts fees. Utilizing the transcript application or printing any certificates of completion may revoke any prior reason for refunds and will be non-negotiable to the previous stated terms within the initial 14-day PayPal subscription.

Student Accounts on the Discovery K12 platform are free and include all of our curriculum. The Parent/Teacher Account is optional and available for a nominal, annual fee. See current pricing. Parent/Teacher Account customers who have purchased at our flagship or any reduced pricing offered are grandfathered in to maintain that pricing for any renewal years, as long as your Parent/Teacher Account remains active and in good standing. You must have an active Parent/Teacher Account (in good standing) to lock-in any flagship or any reduced pricing plan. We may have other products and services (for example, Student ID Cards) available from time to time and in which case, pricing will be clearly shown. There are no hidden fees, and any of our upgraded or premium services we may offer are completely optional.

Homeschool Student ID Cards
If you are not completely satisfied with your homeschool student identification card. You may return it for a full refund, minus credit card processing fees and a $2.50 handling fee. To receive a refund, ship your student identification card, postmarked within 30-days of your order being made, back to: InstantCard, One Research Court, Suite 450, Rockville, MD 20850 along with a letter stating you are requesting a refund.

Account Closure
To close a Student or Parent/Teacher Account, simply email us from the email that goes with your accounts at: support@discoveryk12.com and request your accounts to be closed. If any of our policies or terms are violated, we can close out student or parent accounts without notice, at our sole discretion. We purge inactive accounts on our system, on a regular basis. If your account is inactive, we may purge your account from our system. We have the right to refuse service to anyone, at our sole discretion.

We are not affiliated or funded by any public school or government program. We are a private business, not affiliated with any other entity, agency, or school system.

You irrevocably, agree to release us, any employees, officers, owners, affiliates, and any partners of Discovery K12 Inc. from any and all liabilities in relation to you and your children using the Discovery K12 service and website. Use of the website is at your own risk. By using this website, you agree to these terms.

Intellectual Property
This website and its contents are copyrighted, all rights are reserved. No reproductions rights are granted without expressed written permission.

If you have any questions about these policies, you may contact us at:

Email: support@discoveryk12.com
Address: Discovery K12 Inc. 32932 Pacific Coast Hwy. #14-307; Dana Point, CA 92629

Last updated: July 14, 2021

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