End-of Year Assessment Tests are available for all students!

As we approach the end of the school year, it’s the perfect time to start assessing your children’s knowledge of the curriculum.

Encourage your child to take our Assessment Tests located inside their student account.

Test Subjects Covered

▪ Spelling
▪ Math
▪ History/Social Studies
▪ Science

These tests provide valuable insights of your child’s retention of what they’ve learned so far and their readiness to progress to the next level. Your child can access a free assessment test in their student account, and you can view the results by upgrading to a Parent/Teacher Account.

There’s never been a better time to track your students’ progress and achievements! With our Parent/Teacher Account, you can access assessment scores and transcripts effortlessly.

Upgrade includes:

  • Grade book for easy progress tracking
  • Instant quiz/test scores and answer keys
  • Hassle-free attendance tracking
  • Personalized reading log to foster a love for learning
  • Comprehensive curriculum scope & sequence
  • Assessment test results for tailored learning
  • Professional transcripts, certificates, and diplomas
  • Round-the-clock email support and more!

Upgrade Now

Be sure to check out the special content section over spring break and discover fascinating facts about honey bees. Daily lessons are paused for the break and will resume on April 1st, with Day #131 of our curriculum.

If you prefer to follow your own schedule, lessons can still be accessed from the daily assignment page.

Click here to access and download our school calendar.

Home Economics


We’re excited to announce that Home Economics is now part of our extra-curricular offerings. The new 36-week course is available for kids to access at any time inside their free student account.

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