Twelfth Grade Curriculum

Below are standard courses and homeschool curriculum for Twelfth Grade.

PDF Download: Twelfth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Reading/Literature 12

  • Daily reading of classic literature from our library or yours
  • Log and track your progress

Language Arts 12

  • Strengthen, edit, and revise grammar and writing
  • Argumentative essays
  • Narrative essays
  • Creative writing
  • Digital presentations
  • Improve writing using research, dictionary, and thesaurus
  • Cite bibliographic references and sources
  • Increase vocabulary and spelling

Math 12 (Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry)

  • Functions
  • Function notation
  • Average rate of change on a graph
  • Square root and cube functions
  • Solve quadratic equations by factoring
  • Write functions
  • Function transformations
  • Inverse functions
  • Composition of functions
  • Logarithmic equations
  • Identify linear verses exponential functions
  • Graphing exponential functions
  • Radian and degrees
  • Unit circle

History/Social Studies 12 (American Government)

  • American government and economics
  • Principles in the Constitution
  • Rights and obligations of U.S. citizens
  • Values of a civil society
  • Branches of U.S. government
  • Supreme Court rulings
  • Political campaign issues
  • National, state, tribal, and local governments
  • Influence of media on American politics
  • Different political systems

Science 12 (Earth Science)

  • Earth’s place in the universe
  • Dynamic Earth processes
  • Energy in the Earth
  • Biogeochemical cycles
  • Structure and composition of the atmosphere
  • Improve investigative and research skills

Visual and Performing Arts 12

  • Dance, music, art
  • Drawing (traditional and digital)
  • Art projects
  • Museum tours

Physical Education 12

  • Calisthenics
  • Build stamina and flexibility
  • Stretching and calisthenic techniques
  • Record and track your progress

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