Third Grade Curriculum

Below are standard courses and homeschool curriculum for Third Grade.

PDF Download: Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Reading/Literature 3

  • Daily reading of classic literature from our library or yours
  • Log and track your progress

Language Arts 3

  • Improve knowledge of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
  • Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions
  • Simple, compound, and complex sentences
  • Capitalization in titles
  • Commas and quotation marks
  • Possessives
  • Opinion essays
  • Narrative essays
  • Creative writing
  • Digital presentations
  • Review and edit work to improve writing
  • Improve writing using research, dictionary, and thesaurus
  • Increase vocabulary and spelling
  • Cursive writing

Math 3

  • Multiplication of one and two digit numbers
  • Division of one and two digit numbers
  • Multiplication and division with algebraic thinking (45 ÷ X =9)
  • Find greatest common factors between two numbers
  • Commutative properties of multiplication
  • Addition and subtraction of large numbers
  • Basic introduction to fractions
  • Round numbers to the nearest 10th
  • Measurements and plotting data on a chart
  • Finding the area of a rectangle by multiplication of its sides

History/Social Studies 3

  • Physical and human geography of all the continents
  • American Indian nations
  • Historical American events
  • Laws and basic U.S. government structure
  • U.S. States review

Science 3

  • The world’s oceans
  • Plants and animals that inhabit the oceans
  • Effects of human involvement with the oceans
  • Oceanography: the study of the ocean
  • Investigations and experiments

Visual and Performing Arts 3

  • Dance, music, art
  • Drawing (traditional and digital)
  • Art projects
  • Museum tours

Physical Education 3

  • Calisthenics
  • Build stamina and flexibility
  • Stretching and calisthenic techniques
  • Record and track your progress

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