Discovery K12 to Offer Mid & End of Year Assessment Tests for Homeschoolers

We are excited to offer Mid-Year and End-of Year Assessment Tests for kindergarten through twelfth grade to help parents further assess their children’s academic progress.

Assessment Tests

These Assessment Tests will help parents identify strengths and weakness per subject, and know if students are ready to pass to the next grade level. There are five subjects covered in the testing process including Reading, Language Arts, Math, History/Social Studies, and Science.

Assessment test content is aligned to Discovery K12′s curriculum with a Mid-Year Test covering Days 1 through 90, and an End-of-Year Test covering Days 1 through 180. All questions are multiple choice, and can be taken independently at your own time/pace.

Key benefits include:

  • Know how your student is doing mid-year
  • Know if your student is ready to pass to the next grade level
  • Diagnose strengths and weaknesses
  • Incorporate test results on your transcript
  • No extra student or parent test prep-work is necessary
  • Test results instantly available

The Assessment Tests are included in the Parent/Teacher Account, optional upgrade. Test results will automatically appear in the Parent/Teacher Account after test submission. If following our Calendar schedule, your students can take the Mid-Year Assessment Test anytime after January 23, 2020, and the End-of-Year Assessment Test anytime after June 5th 2020.

Learn more about our Assessment Tests.

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