About Test

Discovery K12, Inc. was founded and developed by Sheri Wells, a 25 year tech veteran, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

The United States is currently experiencing an education meltdown ranking 36 in the world behind other countries in math, reading, and science. Globally 58 million children are out of school and 100 million children don’t complete primary education. With more and more parents choosing to teach their children at home, homeschooling is now the fastest growing sector in education.

The classroom approach is no longer effective with today’s digital kids. Discovery K12 is leading the way in providing best-in-class technologies and content directly to students worldwide.

The company’s platform and curriculum encompasses over 16,000 assignments across 90+ courses in 7 subjects including: language arts, reading, history/social studies, science, visual/performing arts, and physical education.

Key features include:

  • 180 days of online curriculum for kindergarten through twelfth grade
  • Over 16,000 custom lessons delivered via a “Daily Assignments” feed
  • 180+ quizzes and tests aligned with the curriculum
  • 36-week spelling program with 6,300 words, digital worksheets and 468 quizzes
  • Library of 100+ academic and classic literature ebooks
  • Extra Curriculum: Spanish I, HTML Coding, Healthy Living, and Personal Finance
  • Everything students and parents need to homeschool

Discovery K12’s goal is to provide a positive, educational experience where students can acquire the skills to succeed throughout their life.