Parent / Teacher Account

Everything You Need to Manage Your Homeschool

  • One Parent/Teacher Account per Family
  • Yearly Subscription only $99 (12 months from date of purchase)
  • Makes Homeschool Management Easy

  • The Parent/Teacher Account is an optional upgrade that provides detailed reporting and curriculum tools to assist you in homeschooling. Includes grade book, attendance tracking, reading log, Scope & Sequence of curriculum, quiz/test answer keys, and Assessment Tests. Create transcripts, certificates of completion, and diplomas for your students. Currently, one Parent/Teacher Account supports ALL of your children’s student accounts. One Parent/Teacher Account per immediate family.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE – Price Change Expected: We will be changing our pricing structure soon. Those with an existing Parent/Teacher Account will be locked in to their current pricing plan as per our Terms of Service.

    Track ALL Your Students in one Place

    Grade Book

    Quiz/Test Results with Correct/Incorrect Answers

    Produce Mid-Year and End-of-Year Transcripts

    Print Official Homeschool Transcripts

    Easily Issue High School Diplomas