Robots & Robotics

This week’s STEM is all about robots and robotics!

Robotics is a branch of science that deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots. Students can learn about robots and robotics, make a real-working robot, or make a robot craft out of tin cans and household items.

Creating Transcripts

If you are following our calendar schedule, it’s time to produce a mid-year transcript. You can create transcripts inside your Parent/Teacher Account.

Transcripts are an academic record of work completed, the credits earned for each course, and the course’s mid-year grade.

The Parent/Teacher Account has a transcript tool that’s really easy to use. It lets parents enter the official grade for a course and it will automatically calculate credits and the GPA over all courses. The transcript tool highly flexible and will also let you include courses from other sources, any state testing information, and comments.

This old, blog post shows how the Transcript feature works.

Mid-Year Assessment Tests

After completing Day 90 in our curriculum, mid-year Assessment Tests can be taken for spelling, math, history/social studies, and science. These assessment tests align with what’s covered in our curriculum.

The tests can be found inside student accounts by clicking the Assessment Test link on the right sidebar. You may need to direct your child as to which tests to take, as they are available for all grade levels. Tests can be taken at any time, and be taken more than once. We recommend taking the mid-year assessment tests after completing Day 90.

Assessment Tests are part of our Parent/Teacher Account upgrade. Test preparation is not required, but you may want to review the Answer Keys if you’d like to guide your child on topics for them to review and study prior to taking the tests. Answer keys can be found inside the Parent/Teacher Account.

Test results will automatically display in the Parent/Teacher Account as well, after test submission.

New Student Accounts

We are taking a limited number of students for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. If you’d like to set up a new student account, please send an email request to:

Let us know the name and grade level needed for each of your children. We will then reply with login information for each student account.

Please use our website to answer any additional questions you may have.

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