Discovery K12 Provides Free Curriculum to Homeschoolers Everywhere

Monarch Beach, CA – Sheri Wells is not your typical homeschool mom. She’s a 25-year tech engineer who’s created a digital curriculum for pre-k to twelfth grade for the growing homeschool market.

What started out as a need for her own two children, has become her mission – to provide an online, world-class education for homeschoolers everywhere.

The online curriculum has spread through word-of-mouth by enthusiastic parents. “So far I am beyond thrilled with what I’m seeing with my younger daughters’ grade levels,” says one parent. “Thanks so much for a fantastic online curriculum. It’s still unbelievable that it’s FREE,” says another. “This program has brought back the light in our kids eyes, writes another” It’s the thousands of messages like these Wells has received that drives her.

Now in it’s 5th year of providing the service, Wells’ company, Discovery K12, has over 140,000 students in more than 75 countries. The secular curriculum serves a diverse audience encompassing all faiths, geographic and demographic markets. Using the program, parents are in charge of their children’s education and follow the policies set by their state to homeschool.

Discovery K12 is a for-profit business, but humanitarian in nature. Student accounts are provided to families for free and include all curriculum. The company offers an optional Parent/Teacher upgrade for a minimal annual fee. “We are able to provide the curriculum to more children with our freemium business model, and the parents that choose to upgrade, help support the cost of the service,” states Wells.

Discovery K12 has many exciting things in the works for the next homeschool year, and will be making important announcements soon.

Parents can sign up their kids for free at:

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